Norfolk Terrier


Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terrier Temperament

The Norfolk Terrier is alert, active, energetic, fearless, feisty, sociable and charming. They are assertive without being aggressive, and unlike many terrier breeds, usually get along with other dogs. However, they shouldn't be trusted in a home with gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, birds, and other small pets. This breed was created to hunt small animals and their prey-drive is high. The Norfolk Terrier needs daily exercise and enjoys walking and jogging. He will take as much exercise as you can give. They also enjoy agility, earthdog tests, tracking and obedience. They should always be on lead or in a fenced area, as they are the opposite of road smart. They will take off after a squirrel and run right into traffic. The fence must be secure, as they are talented escapologists. They love children and are well-behaved with respectful kids. Many are good with cats, especially if brought up around them. Most are not yappy, but they will bark if someone is at the door or walking by. They do make good watchdogs, but once someone is inside your house -- the Norfolk Terrier loves everyone! They will bark and/or dig if they are bored, lonely, or unexercised. They are trainable but learn slowly. They are willing to please, but always independent-minded. They are usually quick to housetrain. They are loyal, devoted, and loving, and will want to be included in family life and activities.

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