Top 5 Best Cat Breeds

Cat's have always been adding beauty to our lives.These creatures with amazing natural beauties have served mankind in different ways.They have been used for religious purposes in past.As a hunter in mills and as a pet for houses.They were also thought to bring good or bad luck in different parts of the world.However nowadays cats are the second most kept pet.The number is increasing day by day but unfortunately with the same speed their number is increasing in shelters too.

Top 5 Best Cat Breeds



Top 5 Best Cat Breeds

Persian cats are not one of the oldest cat breed.It appeared in 17th century in Middle east.It is thought to have closest relation with an old domestic Turkish Angora cats.Persian cats are considered as the most popular cat breed.They are now divided into several different groups based on their origins and difference in their coats,colors and appearance.They are famous because of their long flowing coat and big eyes.


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