Top 10 Friendliest Cat Breeds

Top 10 Friendliest Cat Breeds

Cats have too long been stereotyped as aloof and anti-social creatures. And sure, our feline friends may not be as obvious about their affections as canines, but that doesn’t mean these furry felines don’t crave attention, company and cuddle sessions.

In fact, certain cat breeds live to mix and mingle. Read on to meet the friendliest cat breeds that destroy the anti-social cat stereotype.


Top 10 Friendliest Cat Breeds

I am the social butterfly of the feline world. I live to mix and mingle and will do so with everyone. Everyone, you ask? Absolutely! You’ll never see me turning down a petting session from a stranger or an appreciative smooch from a cat-friendly dog.

Humans and animals fascinate me, which is why I’m forever following everyone around to find out what they’re up to. Of course, I’ll be providing running commentary the whole time. I’m wonderful fun to be around, I hear ‘though admittedly, I have no sense of boundaries. Read more about the Burmese. 

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