10 Cutest Cat Breeds

10 Cutest Cat Breeds

Following on from our recent post on the funniest cat quotes, we bring to you our collection on the cutest cat breeds on the planet and even the universe.


Persian cat:

10 Cutest Cat Breeds

These cats are very lazy and have their bodies covered with huge fur and soft hair so they need proper maintenance. They don’t like to roam around much and prefer the warmth of their basket but they want to be loved and played with. These cats have such beautiful hair that you wouldn’t want to take them out in dirt.

You can find them licking or cleaning their fur themselves. They are much pampered cats and like to be groomed regularly but of course like all cats they stay away from water. They have a very gentle nature and love to be the attention seeker and would do anything to grab spot light when they are with humans. Persians if given proper care along with regular visit to the vet and good nutrition can even live upto fifteen to twenty years!

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