The Top 5 smartest dog breeds

The Top 5 smartest dog breeds



The Top 5 smartest dog breeds

Ancient Roman cattle herders, cart pullers, and guardians, the rottweiler is renowned for his gentleness with family and friends, and strength and bravery in defending them. Though known for his docile nature, thorough training and socialization is an absolute must for puppies to mature into solid canine citizens.

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Connor Davis said...

I had a Rottie and raised him from a pup. My wife's co-worker raised rottie and she brought a few to work. Yep, you guessed it, my wife took one home.
When I first laid my eyes on this pup I noticed he had a cropped tail, so I instantly thought of a soft tail Harley. Harley was a perfect name for him. I also noticed his king sized paws and I told my wife that he is going to have to grow into those massive paws. And he did just that!
Harley was the most lovable dog that I had ever owned and I had quite a number of dogs all my life, but my Harley was a brute, a gentle giant and very protective when it came to family.
Harley grew to be 245 pounds and was the second largest dog in Jacksonville, Florida. He didn't each but once a day but always grubbed snacks from me.
I had to put Harley down dew to his hip problems. My wife and I had to use a bed sheet to lift him up to do his business out side. We lived on a retention pond and Harley on day lost his balance and rolled into the pond. I couldn't go after him as I had very bad knees. My neighbor heard the yelling and hopped over his fence and dove in to save my buddy. He thanked my nieghbor by giving him a big sloppy kiss.
My wife and I made the decision that yes, it was time to put him down. My wife Lori stayed with Harley until the end. I couldn't be in the room with him as it was way to hard for me to let go of my friend.
It's been years since we put Harley down, but I will say this! If you want a loyal, trusting and family dog, don't think twice about a Rottie. I would love to have another Rottie, but living in an apartment has it's restrictions to the size of the dog.
I hope to be reunited one day when my body has taken it;s last breath, and I'll once again have Harley by my side. I miss you Big Guy!

Frank and Lori Ryczek
Jacksonville, Florida

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