Top 5 Most expensive Cats

Top 5 Most expensive Cats 

Cats have been domesticated since the Neolithic period, though the first certain signs that they were adopted as pets came in ancient Egypt. Known for its incredible breeding rate, cats are known to be excellent companions for humans. They also have the ability to hunt down rats, vermin, and other household animals that humans consider as pests.Some cats are more rare and more beautiful than others. The combination of rarity and beauty has brought about unbelievable prices for this animal.  Here is a list of the top five most expensive cats in the world today.


The Peterbald – $3,000

Top 5 Most expensive Cats

The Peterbald is just like the Sphynx, only it developed in Russia instead of Canada. Its main feature is its blue eyes. It is affectionate and energetic, and can live peacefully with other pets. It is also a loyal cat, as Peterbalds are known to follow its owners wherever it goes.

The cat is well built, though in a graceful and elegant way. Its ears are set apart, while its eyes are shaped like almonds.

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