5 Popular Small Pets

5 Popular Small Pets


Betta fish

5 Popular Small Pets

Not just any ol' fish will do for a pet. We need an easy-to-manage breed with an equally manageable tank. So, we're opting for a betta fish. These vibrantly colored fish come in shades of green, red, violet and orange; sometimes the shades seem to blend into each other like an Impressionist painting. Aside from the big visual impression they make, bettas are quite small. Most are only a couple of inches in length.

Life Span: Up to 3 years
Best For: Any age
Feeding: Commercial betta food
Housing and Exercise: You can skip the complicated aquariums and filter. Just keep your betta's fish bowl water clean and warm. They do best in water that's 78 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (25 to 26 degrees Celsius), probably because they originated in the tropical waters of Southeast Asia.


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