Top 5 Amazingly Fat Cats

Top 5 Amazingly Fat Cats

Why do we love fat cats? Duh! Because they're so cuddly, cute and fat, of course!

so what are you waiting for? Check out Neatorama's top 15 list of "fat-tastic" fat cats: Riley, a 24-Lb.


Maine Coon.

Top 5 Amazingly Fat Cats

This fuzzy cat is a 2-year-old Maine Coon named Riley. According to his owner Martha, who is photographed holding him here, Riley weighed about 24 lbs (via Snopes).

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Lor Findlay said...

This is NOT a FAT cat. It's a Maine coon so it is a very large cat and this one actually looks rather slender for a coon. It's all fur. Look how its owner's hands are spread out, and the cat's back is ramrod straight. That's strength that comes from muscle, not fat. And BTW, I seriously doubt that guy's name is Martha. Just saying.

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